Wheel Chock

Wheel Chock

Introducing light-weight wheel chocks made from heavy-duty aluminum. Light enough for one person to easily handle, yet capable of withstanding the rigors of a working environment.

Size Weight Vehicle Weight Vehicle Tire Diameter
TC-6 – 6” Wheel Chock 6 LBS up to 30,000 lbs up to 30”
TC-8 – 8” Wheel Chock 10.5 LBS up to 60,000 lbs 24” – 54”
TC-10 – 10” Wheel Chock 18 LBS up to 150,000 lbs 46” – 75”
TC-12 – 12” Wheel Chock 20.5 LBS up to 220,000 lbs 62” – 80”

Modern industry shows a growing need for a safe and reliable wheel chock. TopROPS answers that need with an incredibly strong, lightweight, tubular design that is easy to maneuver.

TopROPS certified wheel chocks out-perform the competition on a wide range of working surfaces.

Warning: Always use wheel chocks in pairs and on a firm surface.