Dump Chock

Dump Chock

Available in 15,20,25 and 30 TON configuration

Dumpchock is an engineered solution for safely securing unmanned Dump Truck bodies.

Dump body movement is controlled by a dump lever inside the cab. Potential Hazards for a dump body injury or fatality:

  • Lever is stuck, or seized
  • Lever fails
  • The dump body could be actuated if the linkage is pushed


  • Between 1996 and 2006, 31 incidents involving the unanticipated release of movement of an elevated truck body in the USA.
  • Make shift dump body props do not safely in an elevated position, which may cause a slip out of break.
  • Nearly all “dump bed falls” accidents result in death.
  • Causes for sudden movement of dump bodies include

1. Hydraulic failure
2. Inadvertently pulling a release cable
3. Premature reconnecting of an airline.